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Parish as community of worship and service

“The Parish in a diocese is the customary place where the faithful gather to grow in holiness, to participate in the mission of the Church and to live out the ecclesial communion.

The Parish, therefore, is a dynamic community of a center where movements and groups energize it and are in turn to be nourished.

In the Eucharistic celebration, the center of all life, the faithful become especially united with Christ and are sent to the service of the world.

We exhort all the lay faithful to enter intensely into the life of their Parishes by the reading of the word of God, the celebration of the Lord's Day, serving in Parish Councils, and by participating in the various forms and activities of the apostolate"

(Synod of Bishops 1987)

The Parish, then, is people:

  • who gather to grow in holiness through the sacraments and the word of God;
  • who gather to participate in the mission of the Church;
  • who gather to live unity and community.

We, as Parish Community, look upon Christ as a sign of unity, as a sign of mission (calling us to be Apostles today in the world).

We look upon Mary as our model of unity and mission in love.

We should not forget that the image of Mary Queen of Apostles, as we venerate it in our Parish, is at the Parish Church, as constant reminder of our mission: to give Christ to the world today.

At the end of the Eucharistic Prayer the priest says:

"Through Him (Christ), with Him, in Him,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
all glory and honor is Yours, almighty Father,
forever and ever".

This is also a reminder that:

  • we are to be bread broken for others;
  • we are to be aware of the gift we are;
  • we have to overcome the limit (sin) we have;
  • we qualify ourselves through service.

How do we live out the love of Christ in our Parish and as Parish?

  • By building our Parish unity on the celebration of the Eucharist becoming a Parish that celebrates what it lives, a Parish that lives what it celebrates.
  • By thinking Parish, and one Parish going beyond the individual chapels and areas, making our unity a celebration of our individuality and diversity.
  • By coming together in the Parish apostolate. We have to be people in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

The Parish offers outstanding example of community apostolate, for it gathers into a unity all the human diversities that are found and inserts them in the universality of the Church (AA, 10)

In this way our Parish is people living in the various areas, people willing to give of themselves and of their talents to build up a community that worship, praises and serves the Lord and His people in love and joy.