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The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

     Responding and living the call of spreading the Good News through the Eucharist. 

     - A male good Catholic in faith and deed with church wedding if married 
     - At least thirty (30) years old but not more than seventy (65) years old at time of application 
     - A non-heavy smoker, 
     - Spiritual Formation 
     - Resides or works within the parish community 
     - Recognized by the Parish Priest as a regular church-goer at MQAP 
     - Not a member of other church ministries or organizations which may conflict with his service 
       as EMHC. 
     - Endorsed by the Parish Priest to the Diocesan Liturgical Commission 

- With inner qualities of:
     + Faith - which enables him to look to recognize the presence of Christ in various ways within 
        the liturgies 
     + Prayerfulness - to stand before God in a spirit of awe, reverence and dependence and
        Spirit of Joy and Peace 

Always be able and available to assist in: 
     - Distribution of Holy Communion at Mass 
     - Distribution of Holy Communion to sick, elderly 
     - Undergo and complete the basic formation program of the Liturgical Commission of Diocese 
       of Parañaque and supplemented by the Parish Priest. 
     - Attend regular monthly EMHC meetings every First Sunday of each month at 2:30 PM and 
       special or emergency meetings as may be deemed necessary. 
     - Attend the first Friday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 
     - Attend yearly EMHC retreat/recollection activities sponsored by the parish.