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The Group started in June 1992 with twenty-five women parishioners

As ministry it operates without a set of officers. It works with a Coordinator assisted by a Secretary and placed under the direct supervision and spiritual guidance of the Parish Priest.

The Kagawad members serve before, during, and even after Eucharistic celebrations.

They prepare the altar, vestments and sacred vessels, seeing to it that these sacred items are always clean and properly stored.

They are responsible for the upkeep and arrangement of the facilities inside the church and the care of the overall requirements of the celebration of the Eucharist.

They welcome and usher parishioners and are responsible for the orderly offertory procession and the collection of offerings.

Called to serve, they look after the physical comfort of the parishioners and give first aid to those who are indisposed during the celebration.

They are also tasked to maintain order, solemnity and reverent behavior in the church.

Garbed in pink and blue, the color of Parish Patroness' gown, the Kagawads render service with a loving smile and extend a helping hand to all parishioners, thus making them feel welcome to our common home of One Parish, One Family.

Each kagawad is imbued with the spirit of  service and commitment ever ready to share her time, talent and treasure in the loving service of God and His People.

From twenty-five members the Kagawad has grown to more than 90 who are  serving at all parish chapels as well as making every Eucharistic celebration and every special parish event an act of consecration of Mary's Apostles today.