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THE COUPLES FOR CHRIST (CFC) is a religious movement founded on 1981.

Its vision-mission is:

          -  to raise families in the Holy Spirit,

          - to renew the face of the world

          - to work for total human liberation

To address the needs of the whole family, the CFC has organized the following ministries:

          - Kids for Christ (KFC) for 4-12 years old;

          - Youth for Christ (YFC) for 13-21 years old;

          - Singles for Christ (SFC) 22-40 years old;

          - HandmaidS of the Lord (HOLD)

                    - for single matured women,

                    - widows,

                    - women whose husbands are abroad

                    - separated or divorced women

                    - those spouses are not ready for renewal;

          - Servants of the Lord (SOLD) for widowers or matured men.

To help achieve the mission-vision of the Mary Queen of Apostles Parish the CFC has organized the CFC-ANKOP Foundation, Inc., a social ministry for the upliftment of the lives of our poor brethren and to help reduce the social ills that tend to thrive where poverty dwells.

Under the CFC-ANKOP are the following sub-ministries:

- TATAG. Helps CFC members living in depressed areas to obtain financial assistance from the ANKOP to build a better shelter. The interest-free loan is payable up to 20 years in cash or in the form of services like helping construct the next house in whatever capacity.

- SIKAP (Livelihood) For unemployed CFC members who would like to augment their income.

- SIGA (Serving in God’s Army). Fors the sons of CFC who are tough guys, gang leaders, robbers, snatchers, drug addicts and alcoholics in their area. It offers them the opportunity to go back to school or be busy with religious activities to keep them away from anti-social activities.

- LUSOG (health).  A free medical program of the CFC family family ministries.

- SAGIP (Out-of-school youth). For members of the Kids for Christ who are between ages 7 and 12.

- SIBOL (Nursery and Prep).  A program for children of CFC members who are 4 to 6 years old. Like the SAGIP members, the SIBOL kids attend catechism classes and participate in activities related to health and Christian values.