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The “CURSILLO DE CRISTIANIDAD” (SHORT COURSE IN CHRISTIANITY) IS AN INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS movement founded in Majorca, Spain (1949) by Bishop Juan Hervas. Its original objective was to discover potential leaders from the different organizations and sectors of the parish who could help evangelize other members of their organization. To prepare them for the task, these key men attended a series of studies about the Church and Christianity.

In the parish, the goal of the movement is to produce virtuous leaders of the community who will serve as living examples of Christianity to others.

The chosen participants undergo a series of fifteen ‘rollos’ or discussions on the ideals of Christian living for three days and four nights. During this period of intellectual, emotional and meditative experiences, the members are touched and reformed. A member says, “It is here where miracles happen and conversion of one’s heart takes place.”

The Cursillo class is followed by the weekly Ultreya which is held every Saturday evening at the Timog Chapel. This is like a meeting where members pray, share personal experiences, read the gospel and share insights about it and discuss how it can be applied in their lives.

Post Cursillo seminar is held every year to strengthen the faith of those who are active and win back those who have ‘fallen out’ of the movement.

A Parish grand Ultreya is held every 4th Saturday of October. This is a joyous occasion when all graduates of various classes meet and celebrate their ‘true’ conversion into Christianity.

In whatever way this movement touches the members’ lives, may they not forget that their duties are not limited to attending ultreyas and joining post-cursillo activities but more on their personal development and activities as virtuous leaders of the parish who can evangelize others on how to be good Christians. May they bear in mind and heart the goals set by Bishop Hervas for the movement-that they always be living examples of what they teach and preach.