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BARANGAY SANG VIRGEN came into being on January 31, 1993 through the auspices of Rev. Fr.Gianni Sandalo, Parish Priest.  A delegation from the Barangay Sang Virgen, Archdiocesan Center of Manila, held a one-day seminar in the Parish, extolling on and explaining the devotions to Our Lady of Barangay.  The first set of officers was installed on March 28, 1993 at the Parish Center, attended by Bro. Pablo G. Gernale, then  President of Barangay Sang Virgen, Archdiocese of Manila and members of their Executive Board.


To find fulfillment of the message of the Blessed Virgin when she enjoined the sinning world to go back to God, to say the Rosary well so that peace will reign in the hearts of every home.

To help its members live their spiritual life more fully and meaningfully through a growth in the knowledge of their faith and a development to a reasonable degree of their economic self-sufficiency and social well-being.


1.       To teach Christian Doctrine to the common masses.

 2.       To spread devotion to Mary, particularly the habit of daily recitation of the rosary in every home.

 3.       To train Catholic leaders who would undertake and achieve the objectives of the organization;

 4.       To encourage members in undertaking livelihood programs in order to augment the meager income especially of the less fortunate ones, and to encourage cooperatives and secure the services of experts in trade and industry to lecture to the members on the latest developments.

 5.       To keep them abreast of social and cultural activities which will redound to their common good and benefit, at the same time to afford the members the opportunity to meet one another and promote closer and brotherly relationship among themselves.

 6.       To foster Christian love of country.

The organization has a four-pronged areas of activity:

a)                    Apostolate – the spiritual growth of members, dissemination of Christian doctrine through catechism, strengthening of the faith through the Gospels, spiritual  development of others, devotion  to the Holy Rosary, attendance in meetings, processions, and other parish activities.

b)                   Livelihood – assist the members earn additional income through livelihood projects, conduct livelihood seminars to augment and upgrade their knowledge and skills, and assist in the formation of cooperatives when the need arises.

c)                   Social Aspect – uplift of the social life of members by generating interest in the arts, music, sports, medical assistance to the needy, and coordination of parish-sponsored activities and programs.

d)                   Civic Aspect – Dissemination of information regarding national issues affecting families:  civic-consciousness in taking care of the environment like minimizing air pollution, garbage collection and disposal, cleanliness of the surroundings; political awareness and honesty in electoral process; attending seminars or meetings called by government agencies to improve one’s community.

            Through the dogged determination of the leadership of the organization at that time, theTimog Trinity Families were installed, with the main thrust of promoting devotion to the Holy Rosary.  The Timog Trinity Families have formed the family block rosaries, similar to the Fatima block rosary.  However, the Trinity Families transfer the block rosary prayers nightly to the next family instead of weekly.


The organization plans its activities and projects for the length of a whole year. It celebrates the feast of its Patroness, Birhen ng Barangay, every October 16th, at the same time that its mother organization in Bacolod City, also celebrates the same feast in Bacolod.