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The story of 'Gabay ng Parokya' dates back to 1990 when the Parish received from Caritas Manila an award for its concern for the poor.  The prize, worth 10,000 pesos, included a three-year assistance of one social worker in all projects about people in need in the Parish.

The first social worker went around the parish to identify the basic needs of parishioners and to organize a group of people who are willing to work for the benefit of others.

Representatives were selected from different areas of CAA Compound, Manuyo Dos, Sitio Nazareth, Sitio Fatima and Sitio San Roque, Scotland.

From these volunteers who surveyed the needs of the economically depressed areas originated ideas and suggestions on how to make the presence of the Parish really felt, not only on pastoral service but also as source of hope and solidarity among its poorest.

The 'Gabay ng Parokya' soon became and is now the point of contact between people in their dire state of existence and the parish as Christian community that cares.

The members are tapped in the screening process for the "Little Angels Program" because of their familiarity with the situation and needs of their neighbors,

The fulfillment of the vocation of the 'Gabay' to serve brothers and sisters in solidarity and generosity came with the inauguration of the Solidarity Center in 1993.

Their activities at the Parish Solidarity Center, humble but significant, include packing relief goods, distributing gifts, helping with the Parish Free Clinic, assisting in various livelihood training programs sponsored by the Parish or by parish organizations.

In every task, they promote solidarity and concern for the Christian community and help their brothers and sisters maintain their dignity as children of God in spite of their status in life.

The vision/mission of the 'Gabay ng Parokya' is to serve people especially the needy ones and make them realize that they, too, are members of the one parish, one family worthy to be part of His Kingdom.