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The Legion of Mary (latin: Legio Mariae) is an association of Catholic laity who serve the Church on a voluntary basis.  It was founded in Dublin, Ireland, by the Catholic layman Frank Duff, and has today over three million Active members worldwide.  The number of the Auxiliary members is estimated to about ten million.

The Legion of Mary at the MQAP started in 1986.  It consists of one praesidium.

The Legion of Mary aims to develop  true devotion to Mary,

        - living out the maternal love of Mary for the world

        - enlisting all her children for the Church's endeavor.

These are manifested in the various works being undertaken by the Legion members:

  •         Home visitation
  •         Teaching catechism to children
  •         Assistance in mass wedding and mass baptism

  • The LEGION OF MARY: Its concept was one of unity, strength and tight-bonding among its members.  It advocates the  fight  against the evil one through the powerful intercession and leadership of Mary Immaculate.   Mary is the model of the Legion of Mary, being humble, obedient, angelically sweet, prayerful, patient, pure, and self-sacrificing. 


    The Legion of Mary at Mary Queen of Apostles, has already been existing even before the Parish, was “born”. The  organization then activated its Senior Praesidium consisting of members from 18 years of age and above, and the Junior Praesidium, consisting of members from 17 years of age and below.  Aside from its once-a-week meetings, the members busy themselves with conducting block rosaries, visiting sick people,  convincing couples whose union are not sanctioned by the Church, tor receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, reminding  Catholics of their religious obligations like attending Mass, receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion, and hold catechism classes..

Meeting:  Every Sunday of the week. 

Each meeting consists of the praying of the Rosary, reading from the Legion handbook, the president's report on the previous meeting and finances of the presidium, allocution by the LOM Spiritual Director, reports on various substantive (at least two hours per week) works of each of the members, other matters, closing prayer.